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Design - the main thing.

All quality, all manufacturability, performance laid at this stage.

You want the first time to mount as it should be: without alterations, without marriage; really want to manage the processes of production and installation, then do everything first on paper, ie, designs for real.

We decided to completely change the approach to the design work.


The composition of the Project:

  • The main part of the engineering (mechanical, electrical, automation) - thermal mechanical, hydraulic calculations, circuit-layout solutions.
  • The design part - to provide the maximum degree of collection of the finished product at a construction site, the designer must calculate and set the precision of each process step for each element of the design and assembly of precision.
  • Technological part - if the guild technology is standardized in the organization, assembly and attendant manufacturing operations at the site required each time detailed design study.


To increase the productivity of the designer software engineering industry SOLID WORKS was chosen, which is the output produces drawings and documentation in three-dimensional graphics, detailed specifications and other product attributes.
The software uses the prototype mechanism parameterization function. As a prototype can be used as a separate item, and the whole assembly. Using prototypes not only substantially accelerates the design process, but also significantly reduces the likelihood of errors in the formation of the product structure.


Under each assembly (assembly) production technology developed maps that allow to normalize the time of manufacturing the structural elements and, most importantly, to monitor product quality.


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