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Quality is incorporated into the technology. Poor just can not get

Who in modern civil engineering project to carry out installation? We do. At each site. Before the nuts. The SOLID WORKS. Therefore, we all fit the first time, everything falls into place of installation, to only have access to the service - we never have to redo.
Quality control. we were able to move in for, Votic conditions up to 70% installation work production. The technologically equipped workshop master is much easier to provide a guaranteed, high quality.

And, of course, control! One hundred percent!

  • All components carried entrance control
  • Geometric parameters for each assembly unit controlled by an automatic control and measuring machines
  • Mandatory crimping (water) each assembly unit
  • Visual inspection of welds (by the way, if necessary, can be enlightened)
We will double

Just in the shop more convenient than on a construction site - so quickly

What we can do several things at once - shop conditions and the availability of the installation of the project permit. For example, do not expect the supply of imported equipment, we carry the entire assembly of piping, temporarily replacing the equipment with special devices. And then nothing remake: engineers are working.

The transparency of the production process

A detailed schedule of works of production and its current performance posted on-line, make it possible at any time to understand - production processes are developed in a way that indicated in the schedule of final and intermediate deadlines are met exactly.

Moreover, with the help of a web camera mounted in the shop customer can monitor the current state of implementation.

With us easier

Often, the problem of construction of the organizer - at the junction, in coordination among the various sub-contractors: a time to start the work, and the previous is not done yet. We, moving his front to his shop, minimize time presence at the facility. Thus, simplified planning colleagues.


For reliable performance of obligations under the terms important to synchronize the plurality of parallel processes. To this end, the system introduced OKP - operational production scheduling: allows you to quickly plan the loading of each workplace, and in addition, have a complete "traceability" of the production process.

High performance

The high demand in the market - a pledge of high prices at such pros.


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