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Our workshop produces engineering systems. The high degree of prefabrication of pipelines on the base.

In process engineering department, we focused on the fact that the production will be individual and small-scale. All equipment is chosen based primarily on its versatility and reliability.

The shop produces drawings, formed in turn from a 3d model of an engineering system. Currently, work is underway on the selection of the geometric dimensions of the control systems made by comparing the details of the product with 3d model.

Production management is built on the principles of quality management system ISO9001 for engineering industries.

Powered by qualified personnel involved in the process of continuous quality improvement. The system of full traceability, allowing us to obtain production of the minutes of each element of the system and increase the expense of the responsibility of each employee. All seams are marked after each operation carried out self-control. final control map is more than 10 parameters.

Currently, a program of "smart manufacturing", which will provide the transparency of the entire process of production and significantly increase productivity.

Production sites

Procuring land
Plot plasma cutting pipes
Posts semiautomatic welding
Painting plot
Storage area
Assembly section
Plot hydro -   and pneumatic- test
Plot control quality
Posts semiautomatic welding

Plot hydro- and pneumatic- test

Stand own production allows you to check for leaks as nodes of engineering systems as a whole, and the individual elements of pipelines pressure up to 20 atm. Due to the presence of a system of rapid filling and shutter speed pump water all testing process is optimized with respect to time.

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